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Ramon ten Tije
Ramon ten Tije

CEO & Founder

“We are looking ahead. Our services are structured in such a way that we can simply add creative new concepts to our brand and service. And open new markets, without compromising our internal organisation and workflow. A lot can be achieved with a small and close team, good ideas and a firm foundation. We are the proof. This knowledge gives us a lot of energy for the future.”

“How wonderful would it be if we helped the brand Flexado grow into a worldwide software platform, supported by a structure that we know from companies like AirBnB or Uber? We believe in this. The network is in place. Our team and our systems are ready. In short, the foundation is there. The numbers in this brochure prove it. The world is ready for the next step, and so are we.”

Ramon ten Tije

Ambitious from the start

The bar is high at Flexado. Our ambition has not changed since we started in 2010; we want to be the biggest worldwide provider of virtual offices and office services. Since we started, not a month has passed without growth. We’re not there yet, but we’re on the right path. In order to emphasise our ambition, we have various strategic partnerships. This way, we can put Flexado on the map worldwide, and we will stay sharp as a team.


“Always strive, grow and discover. That is in our DNA, that is where the best ideas come from.”
What we promise

Wherever. Whenever. Whatever. That is what we promise. Working when it suits you, according to your conditions, anywhere in the world. That is the ultimate freedom in work. And that is what we offer. We will take care of the whole process, we make things easy for tenants. From virtual offices and meeting areas to all prerequisites, supported by our proprietary software platform.

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