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Wherever. Whenever. Whatever. That is what we promise. Working when it suits you, according to your conditions, anywhere in the world. That is the ultimate freedom in work. And that is what we offer. We will take care of the whole process, we make things easy for tenants. From virtual offices and meeting areas to all prerequisites, supported by our proprietary software platform.

Our services

Our foundation is providing virtual work and meeting places all over the world, from a smartly furnished software platform. Customers can choose between 4500 locations all over the world, with short and flexible contract durations. And with a high level of convenience; account management is quick and easy via MyFlexado.

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Wat we doen:

Virtual offices

Meeting rooms and work places

Renting office space


Flexado Business Centers

Flexado Concepts


We know our core-business – virtual offices – like the back of our hand by now. We are growing a lot in this market, just like the foundation that we build on. But our way of thinking and working also stimulates us to discover new and unexpected opportunities in other markets. Where can we also apply our Flexado concept, and how should we go about it? Scoring points from flexibility, because we excel at this. That’s something we have concrete ideas about.

Our customers are based all over the world

Flexado works for landlords and tenants. We include flexible work places from all continents in our range, and make sure that landlords and tenants won’t have a care in the world. Our customers all have one thing in common. They want flexibility in their work, without hassle. Clarity, transparent conditions and short, flexible contracts. We are here for modern employees and self-employed professionals who are looking for freedom in where, when and in what way they work. Aside from self-employed professionals, it’s also ideal for smaller SMEs and larger organisations and companies that choose more work freedom.

Choosing Flexado

Our customers and partners consciously choose to work with Flexado. We are transparent and open about everything. This way, quality is guaranteed. A couple of times a year, we follow the customer journey. We want to see and experience the customer experience for ourselves, and learn from it. It’s all about our desire to be the best; in the services we provide, and why and how we do this.

At Flexado, we employ out of the box thinkers with a drive to keep discovering. We do what others don’t, or what they do see but underestimate. Our mindset is that there are plenty of ideas to become better and different from others. We share those ideas with each other, and we discuss and examine them. Trial and error. Seeing potential. This mindset generates new ideas, and helps us create a successful future for our customers, partners, and ourselves.

The Flexa-brand; working on the future

What if we apply the concept of ‘flexibility’ to other sectors? The need for flexibility is everywhere, in all markets. We are receiving signals from our customers, and encounter situations during our free time that make us think. These thoughts generate the most beautiful ideas, concepts and flexible subscription types. But these all fit the Flexado-brand. We always safeguard the brand. We are working on a few promising concepts as we speak.

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